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Thank you to the citizens of Kerrville Texas for giving me the priviledge and honor of serving you for two terms as your mayor.

Communication between residents is essentail for the success of any community.

Open and transparent dialogue strenghtens the relationship between community members

An engaged community is a strong community.

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I will continue to take a stance on issues important to our community and promote honesty and truth.

Stay updated on news items related to our city government.

Jack believes in upholding strong pro-family values, is pro-life, supports religious liberty, believes in marriage between one man and one woman, strongly supports change of our education system, is a gun owner and supports the second amendment, supports privacy protections and immigration reform where immigration is a privilege and not a right.

Jack is concerned with the direction of our republican party and our country. It is his conservative values and leadership challenge, that drives him to effectively support President Trump’s agenda.

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New Sports Complex

In July 2015, The Calliox Foundation has gifted 105 acres of land worth $1.5 million and cash bringing the total gift to $3 million for park land use.

A bond issue in the amount of $9 million was immediately sold and cash funded to the city on July 7, 2015. Construction could begin as early as August 2015.

Thus this new sports complex is estimated to cost $12 million, including the gifted land and cash and will consist of:

Twelve Fields (Little League, USSSA, and ASA Standards) • Two Little League Specific Fields – 205’/225’ Outfield Dimensions

• Two Little League Specific Fields – 225’/245’ Outfield Dimensions

• One Adult Softball Field – 300’ Outfield Dimension

• Two High School/College Fields – 315’/390’ Outfield Dimensions

• Two Softball Specific Fields – 250’ Outfield Dimension

• One Softball Specific Field – 225’ Outfield Dimension

• Two T-Ball Fields – 115’ Outfield Dimension 

• Paved Automotive Areas (609 Parking Spaces) 

• Re-Use Water for Irrigation 

• Concession/Restroom Areas for Each Quad 

• Championship Area at Center of Complex 

• Indoor Facilities

• 15,000 to 18,000 S.F.

• Multi-Uses

• Batting Cages

• Pitching Lanes

• Training/Academy

  • Mini Camps

  • Private Lessons

  • Team Training

  • Concessions

  • Special Events

  • City or 3rd Party Contract Operations